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Interactive Design

UK Employment Service: Jobcentre Plus: JobPoint

I was employed to design the User Interface and User Experience of the UK Employment Service’s, kiosk based, interactive job search application called: JobPoint.

The intended user was a typical Employment Service Jobcentre client, ie: a customer who generally had a varied work history which was characterised by periods of short-term unemployment. Previous work would have included a range of relatively low-skilled, manual, retail or administration jobs.

Although there were some customers who were newly unemployed professionals (NUPs) with high levels of qualifications and skills, these were much smaller in number, atypical, and generally had a different set of needs that would be addressed by the web based version of the application.


Locally customisable “Flash” attractor screen


Define job search
Drill down


Define hours
Visually define search area
Further refine search area
Job search results
Job details



Arrow This interface won several awards (most notably: Most Innovative e-business Project) and was in use from 2000 to 2015. This was such a successful interface that when the Employment Service rebranded as Jobcentre Plus all I had to do were some minor tweeks and to change the colours!


The Jobpoint User Interface was featured in Human Factors and Ergonomics in Consumer Product Design:

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