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Personal infographic for DWP:


PDF version

A speculative pitch for the UTC-NTDs interactive scorecard. This mock-up is for the web version however, if resourced, we aim to develop the mobile app version to MVP level for testing.



User scrolls around the world.


Tapping screen focuses on a continent. Tapping on a country shows its scorecard value.


Tapping again on a country zooms in to show the regions. Clicking on the list of 10 NTDs, on the right hand panel, brings up a corresponding map and the disease specific data in the left hand panel. Ie: If you click on  the LF (Elephantiasis) icon, the map will change and so will the key in the left hand panel.


Each country will have data for each of the 10 NTDs laid out in the Sustainable Development Goals. Information will come from live RSS feeds provided by UTC-NTDs, ESPEN, WHO etc.

Just for Africa this is a huge project: 54 countries x 10 NTDs = 540 pages of disease specific data…wow!

Arrow Click on this text to see how this application would look on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

All data is copyright Uniting to Combat NTDs, ESPEN or WHO, MMXIX.

All images are copyright J. Elphick-Pooley, MMXIX.

Intellectual & artistic copyright belongs to J. Elphick-Pooley, MMXIX.

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